First Moon

This image is on the LX200GPS with F/6.3 Focal Reducer. 100 images stacked from avi.


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  • Domenic on 2020-Feb-12 10:22:39 Domenic said

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    “It’s very much getting that badge of honor,” Tanya Steel, editor-in-chief at, says of recent food crazes that have seen people lined up for hours to get a so-called Cronut or ramen burger. “It’s the trophy mentality. They can brag to their friends and family, and say ‘It’s great, it’s not so great.’ It gives you bragging rights.”
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    What sort of music do you listen to? beeg But in what appeared to be a conciliatory gesture, he said that Iran stands ready to work with "responsible parties" and Tehran looks to resolve issues about its nuclear portfolio peacefully and with "full transparency."
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  • Wilson on 2020-Feb-22 13:33:23 Wilson said

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  • Austin on 2020-Feb-22 13:33:24 Austin said

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    "Members of the Fugitive Warrants Unit observed Matt Oliver as he walked into an apartment wearing a T-shirt. Moments later he came back outside where it is 80 degrees, wearing a camouflage jacket with the hood up. He was apprehended without any resistance."
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    Other commentators who have recently dismissed the idea that a bubble is emerging in housing include the Chancellor, George Osborne, who has staunchly defended government policies to revive mortgage lending.
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    Gas-fired units next year will add 5.2 gigawatts of capacity, or 7.8 percent, to the 66.3 gigawatts the power firms now operate, according to industry data. The IEA estimates plants with such power output would cost about $4.5 billion.
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    Time to revise the high school biology textbooks: contrary to their typical portrayal as being precisely X-shaped, chromosomes are in fact much more complex — and much messier looking. That's the finding of a new project that relied on DNA sequencing to produce accurate 3D images of chromosomes.
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    It was also revealed in a recent slip-up in Xbox One's pre-order page in Microsoft Store, which revealed the plot of the game. It was also revealed that Halo 5 was not a spin-off but a part of the main Halo series.
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  • Emory on 2020-Feb-25 04:09:38 Emory said

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    These tributes have been the routine for his final game at every ballpark during his last season but there was something more meaningful with it coming from the Yanks’ blood rival. The Fenway fans showered warmth on Rivera, who spent the final innings signing autographs in the bullpen and then also wrote a message on the wall of the visitors’ pen that he said “was giving thanks.”
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    The case against Morsi is based on one of the deadliest bouts of violence during his year in office. On Dec. 4, at least 100,000 people protested outside his presidential palace against a decree Morsi issued giving himself sweeping protections from judiciary oversight. The move allowed his allies to push a highly disputed draft constitution on the way toward adoption without court challenge.
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    Both Tesco and Sainsbury’s are expected to say the trading environment remains tough, with no let-up in price promotions among the big four supermarket groups, including Morrisons and Wal-Mart owned Asda.
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  • Razer22 on 2020-Feb-25 08:44:59 Razer22 said

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  • Nogood87 on 2020-Feb-25 08:45:00 Nogood87 said

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  • Irvin on 2020-Feb-25 08:45:00 Irvin said

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  • Connie on 2020-Feb-25 09:47:18 Connie said

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  • Armand on 2020-Feb-25 10:49:58 Armand said

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  • Darell on 2020-Feb-25 10:49:59 Darell said

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  • Rolando on 2020-Feb-25 10:50:00 Rolando said

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  • Horace on 2020-Feb-25 11:10:27 Horace said

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  • Cornelius on 2020-Feb-25 12:24:20 Cornelius said

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  • Ramiro on 2020-Feb-25 12:24:23 Ramiro said

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  • Pitfighter on 2020-Feb-25 14:26:22 Pitfighter said

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  • Rikky on 2020-Feb-25 14:26:23 Rikky said

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  • Efrain on 2020-Feb-25 14:48:48 Efrain said

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  • Lindsay on 2020-Feb-25 15:59:19 Lindsay said

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  • Emanuel on 2020-Feb-25 15:59:19 Emanuel said

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  • Preston on 2020-Feb-25 15:59:20 Preston said

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  • Frederic on 2020-Feb-25 15:59:21 Frederic said

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  • Duncan on 2020-Feb-25 16:59:55 Duncan said

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  • Eduardo on 2020-Feb-25 16:59:57 Eduardo said

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  • Cornelius on 2020-Feb-25 16:59:58 Cornelius said

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    Wang Jianlin, whose Dalian Wanda Group Co. operates hotels, cinemas and department stores, was ranked No. 1 for the first time on Hurun's annual list of Chinese tycoons with a fortune of $22 billion. Last year's No. 1, beverage entrepreneur Zong Qinghou, was second with $18.7 billion.
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  • Deangelo on 2020-Feb-25 18:00:19 Deangelo said

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  • Terrence on 2020-Feb-25 18:00:22 Terrence said

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  • Alfredo on 2020-Feb-25 21:32:43 Alfredo said

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  • Gabriella on 2020-Feb-25 22:33:38 Gabriella said

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  • Isidro on 2020-Feb-25 22:33:39 Isidro said

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  • Neville on 2020-Feb-25 22:33:41 Neville said

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  • Madeline on 2020-Feb-25 22:33:43 Madeline said

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  • Benito on 2020-Feb-25 23:34:19 Benito said

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  • Eric on 2020-Feb-25 23:34:21 Eric said

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  • Carol on 2020-Feb-25 23:34:25 Carol said

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  • Benton on 2020-Feb-26 00:01:04 Benton said

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  • Emanuel on 2020-Feb-26 00:01:09 Emanuel said

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  • Dewitt on 2020-Feb-26 00:35:36 Dewitt said

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    Ann Duignan, an analyst at JPMorgan Securities, said thelatest cut to the company's 2013 profit forecast suggested thatlayoffs, furloughs and other cost-reduction strategies werefalling short of goals, and that "costs are not coming out asquickly as expected."
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  • Joesph on 2020-Feb-26 00:35:39 Joesph said

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  • Genaro on 2020-Feb-26 00:35:41 Genaro said

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  • Clayton on 2020-Feb-26 01:02:08 Clayton said

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  • Luke on 2020-Feb-26 01:02:08 Luke said

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  • Monty on 2020-Feb-26 01:02:12 Monty said

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  • Tyron on 2020-Feb-26 02:03:45 Tyron said

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  • Dudley on 2020-Feb-26 02:03:46 Dudley said

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    Like other strugglers in the sector, HTC has been laid low by the product and marketing might of Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd - woes that have been exacerbated by supply chain constraints and internal turmoil.
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  • Russell on 2020-Feb-26 02:03:50 Russell said

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  • Weston on 2020-Feb-26 03:04:50 Weston said

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  • Deadman on 2020-Feb-26 03:04:51 Deadman said

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  • Miguel on 2020-Feb-26 03:04:53 Miguel said

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  • Anton on 2020-Feb-26 03:04:54 Anton said

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    In the stage version, Veronica Sawyer will be played by Barrett Wilbert Weed, whose credits include Broadway's musical comedy "Lysistrata Jones" and Dean will be portrayed by Ryan McCartan, who appears in Disney Channel's "Liv and Maddie."
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